The company FULCOR was established in the year 1950, and since developed and made itself known.

  The great engagement and constancy in the continuous search of better and innovative solutions, have allowed to the company to specialize in the sale and installation of equipments for water treatment and swimming pool.

  The technical field is responsible for the planning, new systems, restructuring of existing, customer service, search of new products in the protection of the environment and highly qualitative.

  The field of prompt intervention is responsible for the good operation of systems, maintenance service, and for the management of interventions.

  The maintenance can be programmed with a contract of subscription drawn up according to the specific features of every single system.

  Every service technician has a vehicle at his disposal, perfectly equipped, with most of spare parts of the equipments marketed by FULCOR loaded on board.

  This organization allows, most times, to resolve the possible problems in the same day of the demand for intervention requested by the customer.

  The operating office is responsible for the management of all the iterventions described above, for the programmed drawing up of the controls in subscription, for the communication of an urgent intervention to the most suitable technician and closest to petitioner.

  Every technician immediately communicates to the operating office the executed intervention, the working times and if the repair or the maintenance could have been accomplished. In case of no execution has been immediately possible, the office will provide, in the interest of the customer, to propose alternative solutions.

  This department is completely computerized, having at its  disposal all the data of the equipments of the customer (chronological and complete history starting from the initial installation of every equipment).

  Everything aforementioned leads to an unexceptionable service to the customers at competitive prices.

  FULCOR operates in the field of water treatment beginning from the constitution date of the firm.

  The acquired experience offers to the customers a broad range of services:

treatment of drinking and industrial waters;

treatment of feeding waters for heating systems, conditioning, vapor;

treatment of waters for swimming pools;

maintenance of all the equipments of the branch;

systems designing;

assistance for the drawing up of tenders to engineering and architecture studios, and offices of planning.

  FULCOR markets all the equipments for the treatment of the water:


water softeners

magnetic conditioners

systems of inverse osmosis

systems constructed and adapted according to necessities.

  The company also supplies the best products for water treatment.

  As well as for the treatment of drinking and industrial waters, FULCOR is involved in the treatment of the swimming pool waters.

  To this purpose, it's able to supply any kind of filtering plant, dosage of chemical products, chemical products, accessories, etc.

  In particular, with great experience, FULCOR applies itself to the execution of electro-physical systems for private swimming pools. And lately, in the respect for  ecology, with the addition of a system so called Eco-system  for the elimination of copper residues from drainage.

  These systems don't need any addition of chemical products.


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